Solaria Traveler

Solaria 2 edit

Solaria 1 edit


Solaria welcomes you traveler, welcomes you in her arms so that you can find here what you are looking for in second life, the tranquility of a place in respect of each allows you to dream and enjoy with friends, and romantic adventures. I also met the owner of this lovely sim during my trip Maveryck Breen. He showed me around the sim and was very pleasant and helpful. I recommend this sim to all it is beautifully scenic a treat for the avid photographer.

*SoliDea Folies* Giz – Top
*SoliDea Folies* Giz /pants
Calico Eira Hair & Headpiece
[JB] Juicy Box – selvagem Color Tattoo
SB :: Orion Goddess Bodychain – Classic Gold
::HH:: Hucci Jacmel Pump – Freesia


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