Capricorn Warrior

♑ Capricorns are tremendous humanitarians, and they emanate an intrinsic sense of worldly responsibility and duty. They will tell you that if the world was how they
wanted it to be, everybody would be better off, because everything would be systematized. Capricorn are lifelong believers, and forever clutch onto their inner sentiment they can positively change the whole world in same way.

Cap Warrior_Close

Cap Warrior_Full

.Renegade. Slick Plunge Romper – Black
(fd) Glitter (Lip Overlay)
MaiOwn! Medea
CD_Eleanora Cobra
Aaliyah Harness & Skirt Dragon Golden RARE set
(Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Day
[F]oil- Armor Index Ring – Gold
[F]oil- Armor Thumb Ring – Gold
[The Forge] Torc Ultra-Rare
May’s Soul Midgard crow gold rust
Sweet Lies Masai Cloak


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