-Shakes My Tambourine- So my sister Ori and I have this running joke going because I have a tambourine that I religiously dance with when the situation calls for lol. Being the gypsy I am I love the idea of shaking and gyrating in some cute threads to some feel good music with my tribe…

.ploom. Inge Hair – Browns
*Sweet Lies* Soona Brown Mesh Belt
OrsiniRed Sahara Top
.::FLG::. Torcida Brasil #3 – Female Shorts
.::FLG::. Torcida Brasil #3 – Female Mesh Sleeves
[Maxi Gossamer]Boho Bangles – Laquered Gold and Diamonds
**LUAS** Nativa Earcuff Golden
New Faces Group Gift – Erotica Make-up 03

Tambourine Giselle-One (1)

Tambourine Giselle-Two

“Shake, shake, shake, shake (Tambourine)
Tan ’til her skin peel off, tangerine
Then she Vogue, then she Vogue, Agyness Deyn
On your marks get set go red, amber, green.”-Tinie Tempah

Tambourine Giselle-Three

Tambourine Giselle-Four
Special Shout To My Boo Finnleigh xoxo!


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