Til’ The End Of Time

Til The End Of Time III

“Now if you’re ever wondering
About the way I’m feeling
Well baby boy there ain’t no question
Just to be around you is a blessing
Sick and tired of trying to save the world
I just want to spend my time with you boy
And what you’re giving me
Let’s me know that we’ll be alright
Cause if your love was all I had In this life
Well that would be enough
Until the end of time
So rest your weary heart And relax your mind
Cause I’m gonna love you boy Until the end of time.”- JT

*PROMAGIC* Alcohol L -Black
:[P]:- Muse Circlet:// ScriptedULTRA RARE @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster Long Jacket @ Genre
14-FL-OZ Wasteland Duster Shorts @ Genre
(Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Day
(Yummy) Spyglass Necklace – Gold



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