Dreaming Of Us

Sweet Talk.

“You give me the sweet talk
And it works for me
And it’s the sweet words that pulls me in
I know I’m the weak one, and I won’t say no
You give me a reason, so I never go.

Don’t keep me with the kisses
There’s never any doubts when I need
It’s just that you can always make me feel
Like I am slipping in way too deep
And let the shadows hope to hide
Or break the dreaming, dreaming of us
And if I keep slipping in, just keep up with the talking
Know that I’m with you, I’m not about to go.” – Jessie Ware

On Gi:
Little Bones. Chorus @ Uber
Pixicat– Vibrant.Vest – Aztec for FLF
.:EMO-tions:. * ABIGAIL * necklace group @ The Attic
[FAM] Laced Pocket Jeans Pale
[SWaGGa] BoHo – Bracelet @ Indie Teepee
aDiva Shada Jeans Platform Peeptoe Boots


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