ShotGun Poetry

ShotGun Poetry.

“Shotgun poetry
Crack the whip again, make me see.
Sharpen your knives for me.
Infiltrate the mind, the body.
Contract killer prose
Calmly walks away as blood flows.
Open, the wound grows
Melts away the water froze.” – Sohn

On Gi:
Diram RITCH Turban – Blue jean – Gift
(Yummy) Safari Wood Beads
(Yummy) Gold Bead Choker
Magika [Hair] Lessons
Emery Brickell Cardi Camel_Large
Tee*fy Lenka Bralet (WhiteTube)
M&M Style-White Slacks

On Naj:
[ hoorenbeck] Mesh Fitted Suit White (Pants)
[ hoorenbeck] Suit – Pinstripe – White and Blue (Blazer)
[ hoorenbeck] Mesh Real Shirt3
LaPointe & Bastchild “Dress Shoe Traditional LaceUp
^^Swallow^^ Cross Gem Earrings
Urbano – Neffettti Necklace


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