When You Die

“When you die, Whose going to be there when I’m winning?
When you die, You know I love you please don’t forget it.
When you die, Hope I don’t regret we didn’t have no babies.
When you die, I promise I’ll remember all the game you gave me.
When you die, Ain’t nobody gonna fill your shoes.
When you die, I’ll see you in everything that I do.
When you die, Just know you made me better.
When you die, I hope I’m gone already.
I know I shouldn’t say these things…No” – Maryann

On Gi:
Rowne.Gisela Hair
[Z O O M] Cat Eyes Glasses @ Tres Chic
LaGyo_Miranda turban (modded)
LaGyo_Baroque long necklace Gold
R.icielli – EVIE Mesh Pants / Black
R.icielli – MISTY High Heels / Black
Ironwood Hills Backdrop

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