Who’s Your Papa?

Who's Your Papa Full Close

{Marie Laveau}
There are countless stories about the power of Marie Laveau as a voodoo queen, sorceress, healer, and psychic, but none of these are documented historically. Voodoo, brought to New Orleans by African slaves and immigrants from Santo Domingo and Haiti, has been practiced since the 1700s. Even today some people have voodoo altars in their homes and participate in voodoo rituals.

In time the name of Marie Laveau became distorted. Mothers threatened their children that she would put a curse on those who didn’t behave. She was thought of as an evil witch, capable of causing unimaginable trouble. But there are also reports of her as a nurse. Others mention that small children went to her home every Saturday morning for the brown sugar sticks she would hand out.

{Papa Legba}
As “Master of Crossroads” Legba is the god of every parting of the way–a favorite haunt of evil spirits and propitious to magic devices; and it is at crossroads that he receives the homage of sorcerers and presides over their incantations and spells. Because of his politeness and caring nature he is greeted as Papa Legba. He is a much loved loa.

The interpreter to the gods can deliver the messages of the gods in human language and interpret their will. He is the god of destiny, honored first at every ceremony, receiving first offerings. He is represented by a wooden or iron phallus mounted in a little mound of earth in front of every house. Legba is also known to hold the “key of the spiritual world”.

On Gi:
[AD] Sophie mesh headdress
[AD] Ecate Corset Gown
Lassitude and Ennui Lethe necklace – Black
booN POI481 hair
Livid Sugar Skull Make Up_Natural Pink Lips Light

On Naj:
Schadenfreude Papa Corbeau Top Hat
OtherSkin Hope Caramel Serpent
PFC Trapped Soul
Livid Sugar Skull Make Up
booN KCP393
[hoorenbeek] Mesh Real Shirt
[hoorenbeek] Mesh Fitted Suit Black
Mikunch Used Uncle Boot (Black)

Voodoo Scene:
*pm* Papa Legba Veve
RO – Hotel Paranoia Skybox RARE @ TAG Gacha


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