“Encourage children to write their own stories, and then don’t rain on their parade. Don’t say, ‘That’s not true.’ Applaud flights of fantasy. Help with spelling and grammar; but stand up and cheer the use of imagination.”- Gail Carson Levine

On Gi:

Meva Boho N4 Necklace Gold2
[RA] Jenna Hair
LAZYBONES – Madeline Jumpsuit – Black – Maitreya @ The Epiphany
LAZYBONES – Maddie Cardigan Rare – Maitreya @ The Epiphany
MINIMAL – Sights Background Exclusive @ The Epiphany
MINIMAL – Sights Poster *5* -The Best- @ The Epiphany
*HEXtraordinary* Gold (Rare), European, Blue Grosbeak,
House,and Florida Finches @ The Epiphany

On Jihyun:
*COCO*_LongCardigan (Grey)
Blueberry – Cake Leggings –
*booN Lab.004 hair Black


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